Our standard coffin interiors are made in a textured taffeta which imparts them with a soft look and feel.
Right is a pink taffeta coffin interior with an embossed decrorative diamond pattern that shines.

We also make frills in polycotton and polysatin.
Satin for a rich lustre, cotton for those that prefer more natural fabrics.

Braids are manufactured in house allowing flexibility in colour choices.
Lace is available as a trim and is supplied as standard in some sets.

Frills can be supplied as single pieces with matching curtians and face cloths or in continuous lengths to be cut and fitted as required.

illminster    Left is an Illminster satin interior comprising of quilted 
   sides attached throw out frill, fitted mattress and pillow.

   We manufacture a range of fitted coffin interiors details of which are     in our brochure.

  A large stock of colours and designs is available
   for matching cloths or sporting apparell.